Skin Treatments

pH Formula Skin Resurfacing


Controlled dermatological chemical skin resurfacing represents an advanced approach in professional skincare.

Unlike traditional chemical peels primarily focused on epidermal exfoliation, controlled chemical skin resurfacing actively triggers an accelerated process of epidermal cell turnover and regeneration.

pHformula is innovative in its controlled chemical skin resurfacing approach.

Our formulations feature a unique and exclusive delivery vehicle complex – PH-DVC™ – to provide quick penetration, improved bioavailability of the ingredients thereby minimising the possible side effects associated with traditional skin peeling.

The efficacy of the individual acids used in controlled chemical skin resurfacing will depend on their nature, their penetration capacity as well as proton release potential during contact time with the skin. Once the active ingredients are applied to the skin, they function as molecules with the ability to transport protons to different layers of the skin, resulting in acceleration of cell turnover and optimum skin regeneration.

pHformula laboratories have pioneered an innovative complex known as PH-DVC™. This groundbreaking formulation not only enhances the bioavailability of various active ingredients but also counteracts potential adverse effects resulting from acid use, all while optimising effectiveness. PHDVC™ has been meticulously designed to offer controlled and precisely targeted delivery of these active components, all while safeguarding cellular integrity and minimising epidermal disruption.
  1. Delivery system
  2. Soothing natural origin ingredient:
    Boswellia serrata gum
  3. Cell activator: Respiderm

Why do we incorporate PH-DVC™ into our controlled dermatological chemical skin resurfacing treatments? To have a homogenous (uniform) and controlled proton release of the acids. To avoid the typical side-effects associated with traditional chemical peelings.


1. Differentiation from

Traditional Peelings
Unlike conventional chemical peels that
primarily focus on exfoliating the skin’s
surface, controlled chemical skin
resurfacing goes beyond by actively
stimulating an accelerated form of cell
regeneration. The emphasis is on
promoting the renewal and
regeneration of skin cells in both the
epidermis (outer layer) and the dermis
(deeper layer) of the skin.

2. Minimised Trauma and
One of the primary goals of controlled
chemical skin resurfacing is to minimise
the trauma and superficial irritation
typically associated with traditional
chemical peels. This reduction in
trauma and irritation can lead to a more
comfortable experience for clients
undergoing the treatment and
potentially shorter recovery times

3. Unique Bio-Availability
Delivery Vehicle
Complex (PH-DVC™M)
pHformula uses a unique deliverv
mechanism called the PH-DVCTM bio-
availability delivery vehicle complex.
This complex is designed to ensure
maximum controlled delivery of active
ingredients to the skin. The controlled
delivery system helps optimise the
effectiveness of the active ingredients
while minimising the risk of negative
side effects often seen with
conventional peels.

4. Active Ingredient
pHformula is known for its unique
combination of skin resurfacing active
ingredients, which are used at
maximum strength. These active
ingredients may include:
• Alpha Keto acids
• Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHAS)
• Beta Hydroxy acids (BHAs)
• Poly Hydroxy acids (PHAs)
The specific combination and
concentrations of these acids can be
tailored to an individual’s skin type and

5. Benefits
Controlled chemical skin resurfacing
using pHformula products aims to
address various skincare concerns,
including fine lines, wrinkles, uneven
skin tone, texture irregularities, and
signs of aging. By actively promoting
cell regeneration, it can lead to a
healthy and a more youthful skin over

6. Professional
pHformula treatments are typically
administered by trained professionals,
such as medical professionals or skin
specialists, who have a deep
understanding of the product line and
its application. It’s important to note that
controlled chemical skin resurfacing
should be customised to an individual’s
skin type, needs, and goals.


Target at the specific needs of our four identified skin disorders ranging from ageing, hyperpigemtation, redness to acne-prone skin, key ingredients are applied to the skin combined with acids and our unique delivery vehicle complex, PH-DVCTM. All the elements together, deliver protons  to the different layers of the skin in a controlled manner. This release of protons result in accelerated cell turnover and optimum skin regeneration with no downtime.