Established in 2011 the dollhouse salon owned by Miss Stacey Armitage, is a successful beauty salon located on the Irlam O’th height Salford Manchester.

The dollhouse salon is the sister salon of skinbar limited.  Skinbar was designed by the two sisters, Miss Armitage (owner of the doll house salon) and Mrs Emma Jervis.

Although the dollhouse salon was already a huge success the sisters realised there was something missing.. something that the doll house salon just couldn’t offer to their loyal clients.

After months of discussions the girls realised that the dollhouse salon was not able to all the Non invasive treatments such as skin resurfacing, Aesthetics, laser treatments including hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation removal, fat freeze and many more and so this is when the sister of the dollhouse salon, (skinbar) was designed by the two sisters Emma and Stacey.

After two full years of carefully planning and attending many refreshers training courses to keep up with the high demand of non invasive treatments, skinbar was finally born in 2018.

Perfectly Located next door to the doll house salon, skinbar limited has already had 3 successful years due to the popularity treatments it has to offer.

With its grey lavish marble interior finished with the simple gold edged detail skinbar is sure to blow you away each time you visit.